The La Mesa Farmer's Market is Saved!

On the evening of July 23rd, the La Mesa City Council voted 3-2 to save the Farmer’s Market!

The Farmer’s Market was given a full year-long permit to operate on Friday evenings on La Mesa Boulevard.

This victory is thanks to the enormous efforts by citizens throughout La Mesa who emailed the Council, showed up to testify, and signed petitions. Your efforts really did turn the tide.

The vote on Tuesday included some operational changes to the market, including later setup times, and modestly fewer hot food vendors. These concessions were necessary to address some of the concerns from opposing businesses, and skeptical members of the Council. Fortunately, the concessions preserve the core features of the market, and will ensure that success for the Village continues for residents and brick and mortar business alike. 

The success of the Village business community is important to the entire city. That’s why I won support from the Council to create a Village Enhancement Fund, to create new events and programs to draw in customers during non-Market nights. 

The historic La Mesa Village is more vibrant than ever. I am pleased that the Council voted to embrace its new direction.


-Colin Parent


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