Colin in the News: The changing landscape of La Mesa






Colin in the News: From the Californian- The changing landscape of La Mesa:

Five years from now, Parent predicts the Village will be an exciting place. He sees a lot of successful current businesses staying, making more profit and new customers. New businesses will succeed, because La Mesa is an up and coming neighborhood. It is attractive to a lot of young people, like those in their late 20s and early 30s who are moving in. According to Parent, they want to live in a walk able community, with good access to transit and the freeways, and restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. They are the “changing face for who lives in and supports La Mesa. Investing their money, their mortgages, their families, and their time in La Mesa.” Affordability is key, with some consideration for new homes, condos, and apartments. “And that’s a good thing. Reinvestment, not displacement,” concluded Parent.


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