We won! Thank you.

We won!

With over 98% of ballots counted, I won the most votes of any City Council candidate. I am honored to continue representing my neighbors in La Mesa.

More than 500 people helped with the campaign, with volunteer calls, personal donations, and to post a yard sign. Thank you to everyone who helped. I could not have done it without the support from my friends, family, and our community.

Campaigns are not about the candidates, but about the voters. In this election, voters stood up for their priorities:  

  • Supporting the Farmers Market in the Village,

  • Taking seriously the science behind COVID and climate change, and

  • Continuing real efforts to tackle housing affordability and homelessness.

When I was first elected, I promised I would not slow down, and I haven’t. Over the next four years, I will continue to work hard for La Mesa.

Jack Shu also looks on track to be the newest member of our City Council. Jack and I have been advocates together for climate change and public transit, and he has a lot to contribute to our city.

I also want to thank my City Council colleague Kristine Alessio. Over the years, we partnered on some important policies to create affordable homes for La Mesans.  

Thank you again to everyone!

Colin Parent

PS: Still have a yard sign? Let me know so we can collect it.

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